Friday, 14 November 2008

Buy British Month

So it's Buy British Month time at Cloth Nappy Addicts again. Back in May I didn't get a lot of sales but I think people were mainly looking for nappies & accessories then. Now it's November and people are looking for Christmas presents so my products are selling well. I decided to mainly aim at the stocking filler side of things and so far that's paying off!

The bookmarks are proving really popular, I had to order more bits for them to keep up with demand!

I also listed a new line - fabric covered buttons:


and crocheted hats:


The cufflinks (at just £2.50 + p&p) are more popular than I expected! Had to order more bits for those too.


and the jewellery is proving popular too


Of course if you're not a nappy addict you can still get some of these yourself by visiting my site and requesting a custom item. We also have letter beads in stock to do name or initial bracelets, phone charms & bookmarks.