Wednesday, 27 March 2013

One Down, One To Go

A while ago I was browsing in Hobbycraft and happened to notice some Clothkits kits on sale. I was a bit disappointed they didn't have any of the skirts I really like but there were a couple of kids dresses and they were a bargain so I bought two. I decided I'd start with Erin's first because it was closer to her birthday.

One of the things I realised when I was making this is that I have been doing sooooo much quilting that dressmaking again feels odd. The seam allowance looks HUGE. I managed to put off doing the buttonholes on Monday night by helping Rachel with her needle felting but I sat down last night to do them and had to get the manual out to remind myself how to use the automatic buttonhole foot. I think I've done one buttonhole since I got my machine 5 years ago so it's no wonder I'd forgotten (that one buttonhole was about 4 and a half years ago!)

Anyway, here's the dress. All ready for her to put on this evening for her first school disco.


I still have to make one for Orla but I'm hoping to fit that in at home rather than at sewing class. Fingers crossed I can get it made by her birthday in August.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tweet Tweet

I recently bought some wall art stickers for the living room. I thought they would brighten up one of the walls. It's difficult to know what else to put on the wall to be honest. It's next to the chimney so a picture tends to look out of place.

This spurred me on to finish the bird I was making to hang in my crocheted wreath. I'd cut it out and sewn it one Monday night but forgot to take the stuffing with me so had to leave stuffing and sewing up until I got home and it was one of those jobs that just got left. Anyway, it's now finished.

I also managed to finish the bunting for the kitchen yesterday (sorry, will get a pic for the next blog post as I forgot!) so that was two UFO's finished. I started the bunting at the end of October but other things kept getting in the way of finishing it. What usually happens is I think "Oh I'll take X to sewing so I can ask for help with such & such/I need to concentrate on it" and leave all the simple stuff to do at home and then just don't find the time to get all the sewing stuff out.

I also designed a robot applique block for the sampler quilt I'm making. Here it is and I'm really pleased with it!

There's still far too many UFO's for me to list but I'm hoping to get a few finished this year. I only have one item on my crochet UFO list (a cushion cover) but plenty on the sewing/quilting list.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Very Quick Post

Just realised I haven't posted for a while. Have been so busy lately.

Firstly I took part in a swap on Ravelry, where I received this wonderful batch of goodies!

Opening all these wonderful little presents revealed these:

I love the jar with the crocheted pin cushion on top. I've filled it with some toggle clasps that match the colours of the top. I'm still looking at projects for the yarn.

I forgot to update you on the sampler quilt after last month's class so I'm showing you all the blocks completed so far:

The block on the bottom right is one I've chosen myself. The quilt Sarah designed has a Frog theme but we are free to choose our own if we prefer. I originally chose my fabrics because I wanted to make something bright (the picture above doesn't do it justice!) but I hadn't planned a theme. Sarah suggested the applique block (to be made at a later date) could be a pink robot and I loved that idea. The block on the bottom right is my choice of foundation pieced block and I thought it looks a little robot/alien/techie wave-esque!