Welcome to my site. I am a part-time student with the Open University, a mum of two and an avid crafter. I crochet, felt, dye yarn, quilt and sew. Every now and again I have a go at something different but tend to find I drift back to crochet and quilting. I find crochet easy to do in front of the tv and while the children are playing because it's easy to pick up and put down if they need me. As I go to a weekly sewing class and a monthly quilting class, I find I get time to quilt. The other crafts I fit is when I can but there's never enough hours in the day; usually if I have the time to do the other crafts it means I have time to be studying and at the moment that takes priority.

By following my blog you'll be able to keep up with my latest craft projects as well as a little bit about family life and studying.

I also voluntarily offer workshops in dyeing, crochet and felted beads & bracelets at RiversMEET Craft Cafe in Methley (see Workshops page for more details).