Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A New Start!

So I know I haven't blogged for ages but it's one of those little jobs that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of my To Do list, which in turn keeps getting longer and longer.

How about I start with an update? Well, I'm finding that there's far more enjoyment in selling my own creations than selling other people's stuff so I'm in the process of reducing the nappy stock and will be focussing on the hand-dyed yarns & fibres from now on.

In light of this change I took a little trip to World Of Wool the other week. What a surprise I had walking in there! You see, I'm used to browsing Wingham Woolworks, which is like a barn and a bunch of sheds packed to bursting with a huge array of treasures. I love it for it's old-world quirkiness and that's what I was expecting at World of Wool. So when I walked into their modern, bright, airy, well-lit unit complete with cafe and toilets (useful when the kids are with you!) it was a real shock. Even better news though is that I came away armed with a number of fibres and some yarn to dye. Expect to see them listed on Etsy soon.

I'm still pondering whether to keep everything listed on Etsy or to keep some stuff on my own website and will have to decide soon but for now, click the post title to see our SoopSee site and let us know what you think (it's not finished yet but we welcome feedback)

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