Sunday, 23 October 2011

Christmas is Coming

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? I hope not because I love Christmas. I also hate how busy the shops get in the run up to it so I tend to do my shopping early. I've pretty much finished it this weekend, just have to get a few more stocking fillers for the kids. Oh and something for two families we're friends with, which I would have by now except the husband did that "What are you buying that for?" look so I didn't get them and typically they'd sold out today after he said later "That's a good idea". Never take the husband Christmas shopping is going in the diary for next year.

Last year I made a gingerbread house from an Ikea kit and decorated it and I just couldn't resist buying another one this year. I'll have to have a think about what to do to make it different this year though. Here's last years

Not bad for a first attempt, which is more than can be said for the wreath

but I was soooo busy trying to make the oranges dry out without burning that I didn't think too much about the wreath itself. Perhaps I should stick to fabric and yarn!

I'd like to say I'll be excited to put the advent calendar up

but it's still up from last year :-o

This year though I plan to actually quilt the Christmas panel I bought last year. I'd like to make a wallhanging or two as well and I really want some bunting. Maybe some crocheted bunting and some fabric. I also have some red and white fabric which I might make Christmas tree shapes from and turn into a quilted table runner or mat for the centre of the table.

Best laid plans and all that though, knowing me I'll get totally caught up with other stuff and not get round to making pretty things for myself


  1. How did you dry the oranges out like that? Do you have a link at all?

    Love the gingerbread house, I meant to pick one up when I was in IKEA on Friday but completely forgot :-S

  2. I just sliced the oranges and pressed them on kitchen roll trying not to totally wreck them in the process. Then I stuck them on a tray in a low heat oven (low as it can be) for as long as I could leave them in there without them going burnt. It helps if you can put them on a wire rack rather than a tray.

  3. we have got the gingerbread house from Ikea too, not had chance to make it yet, looks good.

    We did the dried oranges last year, they were good and lasted for ages.