Wednesday, 10 October 2012

FO: Halloween Bunting

I was expecting this to be a WIP post but I managed to get it finished!

My 5 year old has had a little obsession with bunting since the Jubilee. She likes to point it out whenever she sees it, while the 3 year old points out the Union Jack. I've been planning to make some for ages but just never got round to it, probably because it's a fairly easy, quick make so I've not bothered doing it at sewing group and then I haven't had time at home. Anyway I was spurred on by the Halloween fabric remnants I have and the finished wallhanging. I'm planning to make some everyday bunting to hang in the same place so this was a good experiment with sizing too.

My 3 year old goes to nursery on a Wednesday afternoon and so I had chance to choose the fabrics, cut them out and sew them together. All that was left for this evening was ironing the binding and the last long line of stitching!

Here's the finished item

And some close up pictures:

Glow in the dark skulls on the left

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