Monday, 3 June 2013

Lovely Sunny Weekend

Well the LotR wall hanging has taken a backseat for the last few days because we've been away camping. We went with some friends again and luckily this year the weather was much nicer. I seem to remember being thankful for a break in the rain while we pitched our tent last year and a little sun to dry it out before taking it down. This year it was gloriously hot and we were on the bottom field which is a lot flatter.

Had it not been for camping with friends we probably wouldn't have gone back to Holme Valley campsite. The site is great but one of the benefits of having a tent is that you can go to new places every year and this campsite is fairly close to home so we have already visited a lot of the 'attractions' near by. This year we revisited Holmfirth on Saturday morning and had lunch there. In the afternoon we went to Greenhead Park in Huddersfield, which is great for the kids. There's a miniature railway (we paid £3.50 for a family to go round the track twice), plenty of play equipment for the kids, a shallow pool for paddling in and places for a drink/food (though we didn't use those).

Paddling & Ice Lollies - what could be better!?!
On Sunday we came home via Wentworth Castle. We didn't visit the gardens but we did go for a lovely walk around the parkland trail. We grabbed a bite to eat and a drink in the cafe before letting the kids loose in the children's playground. We bought them a bucket & spade (bargain at £1.20 for a set) to do some digging in the sandpits.

I took some hand sewing to do. If I remember correctly I think I took these last year and I haven't made much progress. The plan is always to sit and sew while the kids play around the campsite and then do a bit more when they're in bed. However what usually happens is I'm too busy cooking food, taking one of the kids to the loo at the other side of the campsite or providing drinks & snacks to get any done while they're awake and by the time they're in bed the light is fading and I can't see well enough to do much sewing.

4 flowers done
So there you go, still working on the UFO's while on holiday, even if I'm not making much progress :-)

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