Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Barnyarns - More Thread

One thing I can say about ordering thread is that it has all arrived quickly. Both orders were placed on Thursday, the Mettler threads arrived on Monday. My Barnyarns order arrived on Saturday but we were out at the time so it had a little detour via the sorting office.

I decided to order more of the King Tut thread that I really like. The orange is for the robot quilt and I bought two other colours as there's a discount for buying three. I chose the colours based on the plans I have for my next few makes.

Isacord and King Tut thread
As you can see I also bought some Isacord thread. This is one of the threads I tried out in classes that my machine seemed to really like. It's also a cheaper thread than the King Tut. I didn't choose the colours, Barnyarns have a selection of Try Me Specials where you can order a limited number to try out a thread at lower cost but it's pot luck what colours you get (they do say if you order more than one then you won't get any the same).

Now I have to be honest, although I thought this was a fantastic idea I did wonder if I would end up with 5 awful colours (You know, the ones nobody has bought and they'd struggle to give away) so I was really, really amazed to find I received fantastic colours for all my threads.

Yes, despite my worries I also ordered trials of Masterpiece and Nature Colours. Again I'd had a little trial of these in class and my machine seemed to like them.

Masterpiece thread
Nature Colours
I'm really pleased with the selection. There isn't one I dislike and I think all of them are very useable colours.

I also picked up a Try Me Special of Bobbinfil.

I'm currently using Superior Threads Bottomline and find it's really made a difference to my quilting so I'll see what this one is like too.

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