Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day Trip: Coldspring Mill

Erin hasn't felt great the last couple of days but she seemed to perk up this morning after a bacon sarnie! So, we decided to go out somewhere. After a bit of debating where to go and what to do on such a lovely day, we settled on heading over to Coldspring Mill at Cullingworth. I've heard lots of people say the wool shop is great for a bargain but it's hit and miss what they have in stock. They seem to have given their website a little makeover recently and the picture of the wool shop made me want to go and check it out. We thought we could head over to Hebden Bridge afterwards and have a wander round in the sunshine.

By the time we got over there it was time for lunch. I settled on the small breakfast at a super value price of £2.50. Alan went for sausages in Yorkshire pudding with mash and peas, despite plans for a roast dinner later. It certainly filled us up and the kids loved looking out of the windows at the fields.

Then we wandered into the outdoor shop. I was tempted by the jams but managed to resist. We had a quick browse of camping stuff, before heading down the stairs into the Wool Shop. Now I have to admit, I was expecting a few shelves of yarn but there was loads. I thought it was slightly randomly spread out too, I found some Stylecraft Extra Special Dk but the Stylecraft Special DK was the other end of the shop. There was some cotton on one aisle and others elsewhere. A little mixed up, you might say. I still haven't decided whether it was frustrating or if it just added to the treasure trove feeling.

There was a good range of cheap acrylics (lots of Stylecraft, James C Brett) but a few higher end items. There were tubs of bargain packs of unlabelled yarn and various random balls at £1.99+. Definitely the sort of place you could go and find something for your latest project.

So, what did I buy? Well, so many things were tempting but I am supposed to be Not. Buying. Yarn.

Just 3 balls slipped in the basket. This Stylecraft Life DK.

I'm planning on making a cushion for the living room with it. When I saw it I knew it would be perfect colours for the living room, though I couldn't quite decide between the Cobalt (on the left) or a more grey colour. I didn't like the two together and settled in the end for the cobalt and I thought it just looked a bit fresher. the other colours are Heather (in the middle) and Crocus (on the right).

We never made it over to Hebden Bridge as I managed to break a tooth while out and didn't really fancy it.

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