Saturday, 31 March 2012

WIP: Bargello

So, I'm still working away on my Bargello quilt. It's actually going to be a wallhanging. We have a bit of wall above the stairs and I hope it'll hang on there.

I've now got the main part of the Bargello done. It (probably) needs some small borders and I need to decide on a colour for binding, as well as deciding how to quilt it. This is the bit I most struggle with. I'd love some swirly, loopy flowers on it to go with the flower print that's in it but I think that might be beyond my capabilities! I also don't really have the time to practice at the moment and I'd like this one finished soon so that I can hang it up.

I'm pleased with the overall look of it but some bits are horrendously wonky. At least above the stairs nobody will get close enough to see how bad some bits are!



  1. Wow, it looks amazing! I saw the link to your blog through mumsnet and thought I'd have a quick look :) I really want to try and do some quilting but I keep putting it off cos it looks like such hard work! How long has this taken you so far?

  2. It's surprisingly quick to do. I spent about an hour choosing which strips to use (it's half a jelly roll) and the order for them. Then about 6-8 hours sewing/cutting/ironing.