Monday, 26 November 2012

Messing Around With The Kids

The other week I bought a bunch of craft stuff from Baker Ross. Honestly, I could spend a fortune on that site. There's so many things that look like great fun and there's a good range of stuff for younger kids. I can't show you most of the things we made as they've been wrapped up for Xmas presents for relatives but I had to show you these:

They were done with marbling inks. It's pretty simple to do, just adding a few drops to a clean bowl of water then dipping the polystyrene shapes in.

Unfortunately the kids went a bit mad with adding colour and it wasn't helped by me accidently tipping half a bottle in when the lid fell off. Consequently they were done a week ago and still aren't dry! They may have to be presents for next year at this rate.

Some did look lovely though


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