Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sometimes One Just Isn't Enough

I often find myself saying that about biscuits! However I've noticed recently that I do the same with crafting. When I'm looking for ideas I'll do a Google image search or browse Pintrest and soon I'm wanting to make about 10 different versions of the original search item. This is what happened with the wreath!

I did a few searches for ideas for a wreath for Christmas. I found various ideas and just couldn't decide what to make. I love the ones wrapped in yarn. I also would love a felt ball one. Tbh I actually did decide to make one of those but then I worked out that it would take me hours to make all the balls and I really don't have time for it at the moment (assignment deadline looming!).

Luckily the crocheted one I made wasn't Christmassy (I've probably made that word up) in the traditional sense so I'll be able to leave it up all year round. I did need a Christmas one though. Do you remember this fabric I showed you

Well, in combination with A LOT MORE little squares, it's been turned into a lovely Christmas wreath.

I ended up in Hobbycraft looking for the polystyrene ring. My husband was supposed to pick some up for me from a craft shop in town but he forgot. When he went on Saturday, while I was at a tutorial, it turned out they hadn't even had the sizes I wanted delivered, which is how I ended up at Hobbycraft for them. I couldn't wait any longer as I had some time to make it on Sunday afternoon.

I'd decided on the biggest size they had (35cm) and at about 4pm I was cursing my decision as I cut more and more 3" squares and kept spotting more white polystyrene through the fabric. Eventually though, it looked totally covered and I love it.

It's super easy to make (just lots of cutting!) by poking the fabric in with a screwdriver. I followed the tutorial on the RosMadeMe blog.

Oh and in Hobbycraft I picked up yet another polystyrene ring so that I can make a yarn wrapped wreath too!

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