Monday, 10 December 2012

Still here!

It has been a busy few weeks so my posting has been a bit sporadic. We've had family visiting for the last 3 weekends, including having Christmas dinner with my parents on Sunday. Along with that I've had an assignment due. It's actually due tomorrow but this course requires assignments to be posted so I had to finish it by the end of last week. It's a little odd sending assignments away to be posted, very different to the usual online submission. I even wrote the answers by hand as it's easier to sit writing by hand than be trying to type stuff on the computer with books open all over the place (the computer is in the corner so not much room to spread stuff out). It felt a little bit like being back at school.

Of course, I'd just got that assignment posted off and the course book for my next course were delivered. It doesn't start until February so it's a little annoying having it all arrive before Christmas. It's sitting there looking at me and saying "You know you should be reading me to get ahead", while I'm thinking "But there's so much stuff to do for Xmas". I have to admit, the Level 3 courses are far more work than level 2. They require more quiet reading time and the February starts are a real pain as they hit 4 school holidays (including the big 6 week holiday).

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I'll have finished the bird for my wreath and I'll be able to show that off. Until then I'm off to browse for more Xmas craft ideas.

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