Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Busy, busy. busy

Blimey, you can tell it's nearly Christmas by the amount of stuff there has been/is to do. I realised on Friday that I'd forgotten half the Chrostmas decorations. We'd done the tree and all the stuff that's packed in with the baubles but I'd totally forgotten about the quilted things that live in the wardrobe, including the advent calendar and the new wallhanging.

Both the kids wanted to write their own cards this year. Erin is doing really well with her writing so we basically made a list of who she wanted to write a card for and let her get on with it. Orla took a bit more supervision as she really wanted to write everything herself.

The baubles and stars they'd made using marbling inks finally dried so I added ribbon to the baubles and packed them into bags as presents.

Tonight is the fuddle for my sewing class. Basically everyone brings a bit of food to share. We're also doing secret santa so I'm looking forward to that.

It's the school fair tomorrow and donations of baking, etc are always appreciated so I've done some fudge hoping to use some for the fuddle and some for the fair. At the moment only one of the 3 trays is fully set but fingers crossed it'll be ok for tomorrow.

Then next week Erin has a party on Monday at school and Orla has one on Wednesday so that'll be more baking required.

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