Friday, 21 December 2012

FO: Purses

Both kids were at school yesterday and I managed to do some sewing in the afternoon. I wanted to make something that I would get finished so had a little look for a quick project online. I decided to follow this Lil Cutie Pouches tutorial by Noodlehead after seeing a link to the tutorial on the Red Pepper Quilts blog.

I made two. The second one was better than the first and I think the reason for this was that I used a zip that was 'too long'. When I made the first one with a zip that happened to be the right size it made the ends a bit bulky but I didn't have the same effect with the second one where I had to use a long zip.

And, yes, the first one (the grey) I did manage to get my fabric upside down. Duh!

I'm also working on some Christmas quilting. I started making these at sewing group the other night. Basically it's 9 charm squares sewn in a 3x3 block. Then you cut down the centre in both directions and rotate two opposite squares by 180 degrees. Then sew it back together.

I haven't really decided what I'm doing with these. I was planning on just making simple mats with the but they're quite big on our fairly small table so I might end up making cushion covers with them. Whatever I decide on, I don't expect them done for this christmas!

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