Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Year Resolutions and New Fabric!

Happy (Belated) New Year!

As most crafters will know there are always 2 resolutions on our lists. One is to finish the UFO's and the other is to reduce the yarn/fabric/craft items stash (i.e. Make more, buy less).

I can definitively announce that the latter resolution has failed miserably! What can I say, there were too many tempting bargains.

It started on Boxing Day, with reductions at where I just couldn't resist buying a Dr Seuss The Lorax pack, made up of a panel and 9 fat quarters. Of course, some Christmas fat quarters slipped into my basket too "to make it worth paying the postage from the US".

This was shortly followed by a trip to The Viking Loom in York. The shop has a small front but as you wander through there are two further rooms and an upstairs. I couldn't resist the 2 Moda Christmas jelly rolls for £25. I chose Blitzen and Joy.

I also picked out 10 fat quarters with 20% off. These are going to be used for a sampler quilt I'm starting shortly.

Ever year there's a fantastic sale at The Skep, with fabrics starting at £1 a metre. Last year I wasn't able to go until the weekend as the kids get bored and want to run riot, so this year Al had the day off work so I could browse in relative peace. I say that because it was BUSY! I'm not surprised though because there was loads of great stuff. I picked up loads of fabrics at great prices.

As well as the ones above that I plan to use for quilts/quilt backings, I picked up a couple of pieces to make myself two skirts with.

I just love these prints!
Now I thought I'd done well, thought I'd got a lot of fabric at a decent price. You can imagine my surprise when, instead of a bit of eye rolling and a "More fabric?" comment from my husband, I got "Oh, did you only get one metre of that? I thought you'd have got more than that." I don't think there was any sarcasm in his voice ;-)

He might be regretting that now because a new blog post went up saying that they were adding more fabric on the Saturday so I decided to nip back to get a little more. I ended up spending more than I did the first visit! No photos of that atm but I'll try to get some before my next post.

Anyone else broken their resolutions yet?

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