Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Crafting update

I've not had a lot of time for crafting lately. I've realised I haven't updated my quilting class progress for a while and tbh it's partly because there hasn't been a lot of progress to show. I have now finished all the blocks and have added the sashing. This morning I have managed to finish the first border section (which is the same as the sashing fabric). There will be another round of border done in a mixture of the block fabrics to use up the leftover scraps and then a larger round in the sashing fabric. I have some extra bits left from one of the blocks ao I may use those in the corners. I shall try it out once I've done the scrappy border round.

Sampler Quilt (still in progress)
 I know it seems that I haven't done much but this month's class was all about getting to grips with free motion quilting. I was quite relieved to be doing that because it was SOOOOOO hot that weekend so working on small sample pieces wasn't too much effort. I was able to try out various threads and patterns and will be doing more of this next month too. My plan is to really go for it with this quilt and do very dense FMQ.  I have to admit being very inspired by the Green Fairy Quilts blog and the Quilting Is My Therapy blog.

I have also started sewing a few hexagon flowers together to break up the monotony of making them and also to feel I had made a bit of progress.

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