Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Long Time, No Blog...

Wow, it has been a while since I posted. All I can say is that the last couple of months have been hectic. I've been really busy studying as I had an assignment due and have another due next month which I need to get done a week before the deadline (as we're busy the week it's due). I have had time for some fun stuff though.

I took Alan and the kids to a quilt show in Bawtry. The show itself is held in two churches, we went to the one just outside Bawtry first. There were lots of quilts to look at and a gorgeous patchwork rocking horse. We could each vote for our favourites and Orla chose the rocking horse. I was very tempted too but couldn't resist the quilt with more mathematical shapes on it (cubes, etc.). Sorry I haven't any pictures because I my phone needed charging. If that wasn't enough the other church was even bigger and also full of quilts. There was a gorgeous bargello quilt in purples but my favourite had to be a set of 4 little wall hangings for each of the seasons. I think I was won over by the pumpkins in the Autumn picture and Santa in his sleigh in the Winter one. We then went to the church hall and had tea and cake and some fabric may have been added to my stash!

We've also had a weekend away in the tent. Just a one night trip to Withernsea but we couldn't resist going to the seaside given the hot weather. We pitched up near the play area

You can see the guy ropes of our tent

The kids had fun in the second park too

and we all had fun on the beach
We've also had both sets of parents to visit and entertained a few friends. Erin has been to watch her first rugby match

and I've done the last ever nursery drop off/pick up as Orla will be starting Reception in September! Doesn't the time just fly?!

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