Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It's been a busy week

One of the reasons I was planning on missing the Festival Of Quilts this year was because we were due to go away last week and I thought it would be too hectic. After making the trip to Birmingham on the Saturday I still had an assignment to work on before going to visit family on the Monday. As it happened I didn't get it finished so we ended up taking the computer to the Lake District! To be fair, I had carefully planned my studying to fit in around going away and then someone pointed out to the course team that Unit 12 wasn't due to be read until after the assignment yet one of the questions related to Unit 12. Apparently there had been a mix up with the study calendar. My careful planning went out of the window in order to fit in another full unit of study (we usually get about 2 weeks per unit). Luckily I finished and submitted the assignment on the Monday evening.

After a few days visiting family, Erin came down with chickenpox just before we were due to make the journey into Scotland for a family wedding. She was able to stay with my parents while Alan, Orla and I attended said wedding.

Excuse the mess around us in the picture, it was a bit of a rush to get Orla ready in someone else's room (ours wasn't ready) and our stuff was just dumped.

On the way back we stayed with my parents for another night before traveling back yesterday. Today has mainly been spent finishing off the unpacking and doing laundry.

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