Sunday, 1 September 2013

Countdown To Christmas

It's September, it must be time to start talking about Xmas projects. I love Xmas and can remember waking my parents up at 5am with the excitement! Luckily, as excited as they are, my children haven't yet woken us that early. Hopefully this won't be the year they start.

Ever since I started sewing/crafting, which is relatively recently (about 6 years ago), I've wanted to make lots of homemade Xmas decorations and presents. Along with a gift for my aunty (obviously can't reveal that just yet) I'm making quilts for both my girls. Erin's is already finished but Orla's isn't started yet. I have a break from studying after my October exam so it is scheduled in for then. I'll be doing a simple design like Erin's as I think it's fair to keep them about the same so it shouldn't take long to make.

I try to add something every year that gets brought out every year. In previous years I've made snowflake tree decorations and stockings. This year is no exception. I will be making advent calendars for each of us this year. I have been inspired by many different designs on Pintrest and similar sites. The main issue I have with the ones I've seen is the lack of space to display four similar calendars. However I'm planning on making 4 quilted rectangles that will have each person's name at the top and 4 strands of ribbon across. We have a section of wall in the living room that would be perfect for them. From the ribbon I'll be pegging some money envelopes with the gifts in.

I've spent the evening making the envelopes and filling them.

These were simple money envelopes from Wilkinsons at £1 per 50 envelopes. I already owned some alphabet stamps and ink pads. Initially I looked for some number stamps but decided to just use the alphabet ones and I'm pleased I did.

I wasn't fussy about being straight with the letters or anything and I'm pleased with the look of the finished envelopes.

The envelopes for the children have been filled with party bag type items - bouncy balls, bubbles, mini colouring pencils, etc. Mine will have some perfume samples in along with some embroidery threads. I can't reveal what Alan's have inside in case he reads this!

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