Friday, 20 September 2013

New Books

I've just been reading my friend Sarah's latest blog post where she mentioned quilting books. It turned out to be perfect timing as the postman delivered my latest book this morning. There has recently been an offer from Topcahback (referral link there!) and Amazon which offered £5 cashback on the purchase of a book. I've had a couple of books on my wish list around the £5 mark so I thought why not treat myself.

Stitch It For Spring by Lynette Anderson was £5.75. I had a difficult time choosing between this one and the Christmas version but settled for this as the Xmas fabric I have isn't really the same style as that used in the book. I'm not sure how many of the projects I'll make as most involve a lot of hand stitching and I don't often get time. I hope that I'll be able to find a bit more time now both children are at school but even if I don't, the books are just lovely to look at.

The other book I've recently acquired is Mug Rugs by Christa Rolf. If you haven't heard of a Mug Rug, it's basically a little mat for your mug that is a bit bigger than a normal coaster. It generally has enough room for your mug and a couple of biscuits.

I really loved this "Sew Time" pattern

And the "Christmas Landscape" pattern

One of the great things about this little book is that it has a design for everyone. There are modern and traditional designs, something for children, something for men and personalised ones. I can see me making a few of these with leftovers.

The Mug Rugs book was a wedding anniversary present from Alan. It was very much a surprise, not least because we celebrated the occasion about 3 weeks late with a child-free afternoon tea (That's why it was late as we had to wait until the kids were back at school!).

As you can probably tell, it was worth the wait!

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