Sunday, 1 September 2013

Great Northern Quilt Show - The Quilts (1)

On Saturday I went to the Great Northern Quilt Show in Harrogate. It's probably my favourite quilt show as I think it's just the right sort of size. One of the main selling points for me is the way they organise the stalls and the display quilts. I find at the Festival Of Quilts you walk through the entrance/exit and are faced with row upon row of display quilts and hoards of people trying to get in/out and it can be difficult to really spend time looking at them because of the crowds. At the Great Northern Quilt Show, they are all at one end of the hall so it's much less busy.

I took some pictures of my favourites and thought I'd share them. I have tried to get details of the makes but apologies if I've got anything wrong. Some of the photos of the details weren't as clear as I'd hoped.

The first one that really caught my eye was this Spiderman quilt by Marion McFarland. This stood out because Orla will point out Spiderman and Batman whenever she sees them!

Amina's Alphabet Quilt by Jenny Kittos caught my eye because of the minion.

I loved the Baltimore Hearts and Flowers quilt by Sue Davies

Of course having an Orla, I had to take a photo of Orla's Quilt by Valerie Arthur.

I find at quilt shows that I'm always drawn to the traditional quilts. However I noticed on Saturday that I'm also drawn to the geometric quilts too. It must be because I'm a mathematician!

Mardi Gras by Sue Davies was just stunning both in design and colour.

I had to take a picture of Shades of Autumn by Lilian Harris for the quilting. It's a quilt made from log cabin blocks but quilted with circles. The photo doesn't do it justice but the quilting really made this quilt!

Heart and Home by Margaret Watson (quilted by Emma Galbraith) was one of those quilts that I'd love to hang on my wall to make my home feel cosy.

Another geometric one I was drawn to was Following Star by Fiona Macaulay Davies

Midnight Splendour by Lilian Harris caught my eye because of its lovely borders. It's a 3D quilt but the picture doesn't show this very well.

I'm going to do the others in their own post as it's more about the quilting.

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