Sunday, 29 September 2013

More Quilt Shows

One of the downsides of the kids going back to school is that they inevitably bring a nice new set of germs home and this time has been no exception. I have been full of cold/flu all week. I've not been able to concentrate on much so decided against going to Saturday's tutorial as I still wasn't feeling great that morning.

I did manage to go to a Quilt Show by Totley Brook Quilters in Sheffield. There were a number of quilts on display, a stall selling fabric and magazines (I bought a Xmas panel), the obligatory cake stall (we all had a piece of cake!) and a couple of workshops. Both the kids wanted to have a go at a workshop. Erin chose to make a cupcake pin cushion and Orla wanted to do a face on a square for a Project Linus quilt. In hindsight I maybe should have insisted Orla made a pin cushion too because she wasn't too happy that Erin got something to take home and she didn't.

Erin with her cupcake pincushion

Orla's smiley face square
They had a bit of help from Alan and me but I think they both did really well! I should perhaps have read the instructions before ploughing ahead helping Erin as I helped her do all the decorative stitching on the "icing" before realising that was how you joined it to the layer below. We added a bit more decoration to join it!

After that it was still early enough to head to Bolsterstone for their quilt show. I was really surprised at how much there was and it was free entry, which was a bonus! There were lots of quilts and a few stalls, a raffle, a tombola and more cake. The kids won a couple of things on the tombola (cue bickering in the car over who gets to hold the handcream) and Alan took the hint that adding to my fabric and thread stash would be a good way to start shopping for my Xmas presents ;-)

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