Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve and that you don't have too bad a hangover. Definitely no hangover for me, we tend to celebrate New Year by getting a takeaway and watching a film if we're not visiting family.

Onto the resolutions. Do you make any? I seem to make very similar ones each year and I guess a lot of crafters out there will have similar ones.

Firstly, I want to try and use up some of the fabric I already have. I have a few projects in mind with various bits of fabric I bought last year so I shall try to schedule those in to quilting & sewing classes. That leads me nicely onto another aim; I want to try and get out of my quilting obsession a little. I have realised that I tend to take quilting projects to Monday's sewing class (which is more of a general sewing class) because I usually have them ready to go and I want to make more effort to do some dressmaking/bag making. I'm hoping to make one skirt and one bag this year.

As always I want to finish off the UFO's. I'm losing my cutting table because we've bought a new sofa (after almost 9 years we are finally replacing the Ikea Klippan cheapy sofa we bought for the part-furnished flat we lived in before we bought this house!!!). The new sofa will be going in the living room (as you'd expect) and we decided we'd keep the Klippan and put it in the conservatory, which meant my cutting table had to go. Why am I rambling about this?? Well, all my UFO's lived under the cutting table so part of the preparation for moving the furniture was me sorting through them. I got rid of some items I knew would never be finished and sorted the remainder into a 'dressmaking' bag, a 'quilting bag' and an 'other' bag. Hopefully this will help me work through them.

I want to continue working on my free motion quilting. I was really pleased with my robot quilt and I want to do more. When I was following some of the curves on the Christmas panel wall hangings with the walking foot I thought how much I prefer the free motion quilting. My first quilting project for 2014 is already planned and might make this an easy resolution to keep ;-)

In the none craft-related resolutions I have the usual one to go to the gym more and to eat better. I also want to read more. I'm now the proud owner of a shiny Kindle Paperwhite and I've managed to read 2 books in the last week! My aim is for 12 books this year and I've managed to finish the first one today. No doubt I shall have much less time to read when I start having study deadlines, exams, school holidays, etc. It's going to be a busy year, which is why I've set the target at one book per month.

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