Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I've Started!

Sometimes the hardest part of quilting something is starting the quilting. I think it's that fear of spoiling the quilt top or going wrong. This time though it was more that I hadn't had much time to get my machine out and sew. I've been doing some hand sewing lately as it's been so much quicker to just grab a needle and thread.

I've sewn a few more flowers together!
I have managed to start quilting the binary quilt today. It's quite hard going because it's black thread on black fabric (which isn't very exciting to sew with!) and the quilting has to be very dense. My foot doesn't help AT ALL with this so I'm practically sewing blind in places!

Ignore my threads, I've not sewn them in yet!
I've started in the middle of the quilt with some of the zeros. I've been filling their centres. The next step will be to fill some of the fabric between the zeros and ones in the centre and work my way outwards. Eventually all those grid lines and the pink number outlines will be washed out and I'll hopefully be left with a black quilt with the binary standing out from the densely quilted background.

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