Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WIP Weds: Jan 12" square and 6" square

I've finally got round to starting the 2014 BAMCAL (that's block a month crochet along, in case you're having difficulty working it out!).

January's main 12" block is the Free SmoothFox's Lemony Lime Citrus Square.

Now I have to admit mine is definitely not citrus colours as I have chosen vintage style colours so the finished block doesn't quite match the name but I really love it. This was a nice block to make, not difficult but interesting throughout.

See those fleece squares in the bottom of the picture? They are a rag quilt gone wrong. It is too bulky to go through my machine so they're currently covering my living room floor until I decide what I'm doing with them.

Each month there is also a 6" square. Originally I wasn't going to make these but I decided I might make some of them and make a cushion to match the blanket. This month it was Mary Ellen's Easy Daisy Granny Square.

The petals were different to any other petals I've made and it was interesting to see how they were formed as it wasn't what I was expecting. Again, it's a fairly simple block. The outer rounds follow a basic granny square pattern - I adjusted this slightly to add chains between the clusters as I find this works best for me and helped the block lie nice and flat.

This block also gave me the chance to try out the honey colour next to the blue I wasn't keen on and I think it works well so I'll stick with these colours.

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