Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WIP Weds: Rag Quilt & Half Square Triangles

I had a large selection of fleece that I wanted to use up and decided that I'd make a rag quilt with it. This involved cutting LOTS of squares, in fact I spent most of yesterday doing it. This morning I layered them up ready for quilting a cross over them. They then get sewn together with the seam allowances to the front and then you snip into the seam allowance to give it a raggy look.

There are 90 'sandwiches' above to give a 9 x 10 layout. I decided to use some wadding between the layers to make it a bit thicker and warmer, so I had to cut 180 fleece squares and 90 wadding squares.

I also have another quilt in progress made from half square triangle blocks. There are 80 blocks and they all need trimmed but I couldn't face any more cutting!

So I spent the afternoon using up some bananas by baking a banana bread and some muffins (and a cake with the leftover mixture)

For a bit of fun after school, I got Orla to help decorate the muffins while her sister was at a club.

Oooh and my yarn arrived today but I'll show that in another post.

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