Monday, 24 March 2014

A Few More Bits & Pieces

I've been a bit busy lately with an assignment due but I've managed to do a couple more blocks for the crochet block a month project.

Firstly, the January 12" filler square Frostbloom by Shan Sevcik. I really enjoyed making this pattern.

Sorry, I haven't sewn the ends in yet!
Secondly, the February main 12" square Centre Heart Square by Ginger Badger. I've actually made this square before with DK yarn and a smaller hook and really wasn't keen on the result as it didn't seem to lie flat. Part of me was dreading making this pattern again but I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

As you can see there's a little ripple and the edges bulge slightly but I will block this square before joining it to any others which should even it all out.

I also finished the canvas I was making for the living room.

I then thought about my robot quilt and decided to make a canvas based on the robot block I designed for it. This involved tracing the outline of the robot from the quilt and using similar colours.

Here's the original quilt block for comparison:

In order to make the canvas a bit more 'mixed media' style I added some words by stamping onto decorative papers. Orla went through a phase of playing robots and would say "I am a robot, I am coming to eat you" and I thought that would be perfect for the canvas.

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