Wednesday, 12 March 2014

WIP: Playing With Paint

This week I've been having a play around with some mod podge, paper, decopatch papers and acrylic paints making mixed media canvas art.

It's been loosely based on this tutorial by Debbie Saenz but with less detail and using a few techniques from elsewhere on the web.

Luckily I had a bird template because I can't draw!

Progress so far:

I have used decopatch papers to cover a paper template of the bird. I copied the idea in the tutorial to use something on the papers for an eye (the flower in the top left). I have used just one paper for the wing section and will add the printed word at the end - I'll probably do some more colours round the edge of it to make it stand out.

I also worked on another canvas at the same time. This time without any of the papers, just paint. I mainly did this to experiment with it but quite liking the result.
Not entirely sure what I'm doing next with this one.

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