Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Teacher Gifts

It's coming up to the end of term so the planning of end of year teachers gifts has started. This year I've helped Erin to make a present for each of her teachers (she has 2).

Oh my word, was it hard to find the bits I needed! First of all, small but not boring plant pots. I did eventually find metal ones at Ikea but they only had the one on display left so I had to get a slightly more boring pot for the second one. Then I needed colourful sand to fill the pots with. I still haven't found any of this. I really wanted to get something in a physical shop so that Erin could choose the colour. Anyway I managed to find some brown at Ikea so made do with that.

Then I cut up an egg box to make the centre of the flowers and let Erin paint them. We cut out paper flowers for the petals. I used skewers for the stalks and covered them with Washi tape to make them more colourful.

Then card...seriously, we have drawers full of craft stuff so why did I have no card when I needed it??? I managed to find some compliment slips made from card so cut those up and let Erin write on the things she has been taught this year.

I'm going to add little tags to each one saying "Thank you for teaching me..."

I'll also do some baking as there's a few teaching assistants too. Most likely cupcakes and the kids can add srpinkles.


  1. Aw they're cute :-)

    Bit late now but you could always use coloured gravel to just do the top part of the pot. No idea how much it costs but you can get it in pet shops for fish tanks

  2. Oh that's a good idea. I kept looking in candle shops, thinking you sometimes get coloured sand to stand candles on in vases but couldn't find any. Never thought of fish tanks!