Friday, 20 July 2012

FO Friday: Squares

I have been very busy making squares for memory blankets. On Monday I had the pleasure of meeting up with some other ladies to help one of them with her crochet (the other two were knitting) and drinking coffee. Orla was very well behaved, spending most of the time eating breadsticks and counting crochet hooks!

Here's some of the finished squares:

My favourite square so far, from this pattern
The only adjustments I made was to replace the final round of sc with a round of dc to make the square up to the required 6".
Yellow Puff Granny Square
I did a few basic granny squares, but will just show one here!

A shell stitch 'square'

Shell Stitch Square
An Attic24 Neat Ripple square
I edged this using different height stitches in order to square it up.

And a Flower Granny Square, from this pattern.

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