Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WIP Weds: Lord Of The Rings

I have been pondering making a Lord Of The Rings themed 'something' for a while now. Initially I was planning on a crocheted Gandalf but then I learned about foundation piecing at the quilting class I go to. It was then that I stumbled on these patterns at Fandom In Stitches. Now I'm not sure I have the patience to make an entire quilt and I wouldn't really know how I could display it if I ever finished it so I decided to make something smaller; a wall hanging. This also allowed me to choose the blocks I wanted.

At the moment the plan is to make "The Precious", "Gandalf", "Helm's Deep" and "Smaug". I did count up the pieces in Smaug and there's 94 so I may change my mind!

When I printed them out they came out at 6 1/2 inches finished rather than the 7" but as size doesn't really matter where wall hangings are concerned I decided to make them that size.

Here's the first one which I managed to make while sorting today's roast dinner!

"The Precious"

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  1. oh my what a fantastic quilt! However will you choose which squares to do? You've definitely got to do Smaug, even if it is 94 pieces