Friday, 24 May 2013

Working On The UFO's

Every year I say that I'm going to do my best to finish off all the projects I've started and put to one side. I expect most crafters are the same. For me, it tends to come down to things like how much time I have. I might put one project aside to start a quicker one and then not find the time for the other one for ages. Other times I try to make the most of the classes I go to so I'll put aside a simple project to work on something I need help & advice with. Soon I find that I have a stack of unfinished projects.

Today I managed to have a large chunk of time where I could just sew. Both kids were at school and I decided that working on some of the UFO's would be a really nice way to spend the day and be productive. It's not often I give so much time to my hobby because I tend to prioritise the house, studying and the kids.

I started a couple of cushion covers at sewing class one night and I finished the fronts today. These are made from the leftover strips of a jelly roll I made a wallhanging from. I finished piecing them and then quilted them with simple diagonal lines.

Fronts Of Cushion Covers

I need to choose a fabric for the backs of the cushion covers. I'll just be doing simple envelope style cushions.

Having got that done I decided to have a quick look at the other projects. I decided to work on the quilt I started for Erin months ago. It only needed a small amount of sewing to finish the top and then I chose a backing fabric, basted it and did the quilting.

Quilt For Erin
This just needs some binding now.

Ok, so technically they're both still unfinished but I've made good progress on them and I have a couple of weeks at sewing to fill before the holidays so there's a good chance I'll get these done!

I did manage to finish one thing today though. I did the cross-stitch Tux quite some time ago and used a hoop while stitching. After taking it out of the hoop I realised I'd stitched it the wrong way on the fabric, which wasn't quite square (it had a chunk out). My plan had been to stitch the thinner head part of the picture in the smaller bit of fabric and then shape the border around it. It's sat in the cabinet for a while now as I pondered what to do about my mistake. Today I decided to just sew a bit of fabric in that corner. So here is my finished mouse mat.

Tux Mouse Mat

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