Tuesday, 29 May 2012

First Pitch Of The Season

Wow, it is so hot at the moment and we decided to make the most of it by a spontaneous night away camping. We didn't want to go far and we took the old (smaller) tent as it was a lot cheaper than taking the new one. In the end we decided to head to Dobrudden Caravan Park. I have to say that the view is lovely, you can see for miles.

As for the campsite, where do I begin? I suppose I should point out this is a WINDY site! We may have looked a bit silly pitching the tent and the warden told us that it was a mild day :-o but it was our first pitch of the season. We were very relieved that we hadn't taken the big tent though. We were right next to the play area, which was fantastic for the kids. It meant we could sit near the tent and be close enough to keep an eye on them. The picture below was taken from just outside our tent.

I did have tent envy though - the bell tent in the picture was lovely. It had bunting (who doesn't love a bit of bunting?) and cushions. Of course I'd need some huge transport if we got a bell tent though...for all the quilts, cushions, bunting, fairy lights,...that's where Alan started giving me the look. The one that says "Over my dead body" ;-)

We went for a walk up the hill next to the campsite and admired the view

Then we mainly relaxed at the campsite. Luckily there were lots of other families there so we didn't have to worry about the kids disturbing anyone at night, though I think they ended up being the first to bed and slept through. That's a bit better than Alan & I did, mainly because we pitched the tent such that we got the full force of the wind (i.e. the kids were more sheltered and wouldn't be scared) then the peacock, ducks, etc noisily started their day about 4am.

Not bad at all considering it was £10. As for the site facilities - well the toilets were clean (you had to get a key for them, which wasn't very clear when we arrived), the showers are unisex (didn't use them cos we were only their one night) and there's no shop on site (though you can buy fresh eggs). They do have a cafe open in the mornings though. we didn't get chance to use it as we'd brought bacon for breakfast.


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