Sunday, 13 May 2012

Today's Crafting - Granny Square Quilt

 Back in the middle of April I started making this Granny Square quilt. I got most of the centre bits cut and sewn and then I had to wait for my Kona Cotton to arrive. That meant the quilt top ended up on the pile of stuff to start up again at some undetermined point in the future. Well it seems that I reached that point this evening. Actually I found that I had enough time to cut the strips of Kona cotton, with the plan to take it all to sewing class tomorrow night but I got it cut quicker than I expected and couldn't help but start a bit of sewing.

I took one full set of strips and sewed the Kona cotton to those. I'll do the other sets after finishing the blocks from this set so as to not get in a muddle. Then I started cutting strips for my first block, partly because Alan wanted to see how it all joined up.

Here it is before trimming:

Granny Square patch before trimming
...and here it is after:

Granny Square first block
It's not as wonky as it looks in the picture (two of the corners lift up slightlymaking it look badly cut)


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