Friday, 25 May 2012

FO Friday: Superhero

I wasn't sure I would have a finished object to show you all but then I remembered Erin's class was having a superhero party. Last year when she was in nursery I made her a red hooded cape as part of a Red Riding Hood outfit so we found that and I said I'd make a top to go with it.  I found her white leggings and her PE shorts to wear over the top. As the PE shorts were very dark navy I decided the logo for the top really needed to be black (no plain navy fabric) and red. I had a dig through my scraps box.

To make the logo I found a circular object about the size I wanted - I tried a bowl first but it was a little big and I ended up using a cd. I drew round it on double sided bondaweb. I then drew round it again so I could plan a lightening bolt going through it. Predictable? Yes, but I started making it after 8pm last night and only had until 9pm.

So here it is, all laid out ready for her:

Erin's Superhero Costume
No action pics yet, but hopefully I'll be able to add one later!

And since I didn't get chance to do a WIP pic on Wednesday, here's the other news...

I've finally got more than 100 hexagons so I've started sewing them together now too:

Hexagons ready for sewing
First flower!
Originally I wasn't planning on doing flowers but then I saw someone's scrappy hexagon quilt (apologies I don't remember where I saw it) with some flowers in and thought it looked lovely so there will be random flowers in mine.

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