Thursday, 30 August 2012

Productive Afternoon

What with the weather being as it was this morning (aka wet and windy) I decided not to bother going out as planned. I thought I'd see how things went and maybe go to the shops this afternoon. However the kids were having lots of fun just playing together. They've been playing upstairs, pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, cue lots of shreiking and stamping around. Not exactly suitable for concentrating on an assignment so I decided to cut the fabric for a new project.

Not only did I get the fabric cut out but I got the whole thing made! Admittedly Alan made a last minute dash to Hobbycraft before it closed for the drawstring cord as the stuff I had was too thick.

Unfortunately you're going to have to wait for the pictures because it's a gift. It's our neice's birthday soon and my mother-in-law said she'd like a bag for her ballet stuff. I'll show pictures as soon as she's got it and opened it but I will say it's very cute and has been made using this pattern by Pink Penguin. I was totally inspired by this version by Monkey Beans.

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