Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WIP Weds: How Many Projects???

I've had a realisation this week, I have far too many projects on the go. I'm feeling a little stressed about them all but I've managed to make a bit of progress with my to-do list.

First off I have a couple of items to show on Friday as I've managed to get them finished. Both are small projects but at least it's something I can take off the list. First up is a drawstring bag for the kids' hats/waterproofs/gloves etc for the hall. I started making this ages and ages ago but never got round to putting the drawstring in and finishing it off until the other day. Secondly I've done another couple of squares for the WoolyHugs blankets. Pics of it all to come on Friday!

Do you remember this blanket I started?

Well this week I've finally got round to doing more work on it. It's probably just over halfway now but is now back on the 'waiting' pile because I'm waiting for more yarn to arrive for it. Really feel like I've acheived something with this though as it's pretty much tripled in size over the last couple of days.

What about this blanket?

Not such good news for this one. I'd been doing a 2,1,1,2,1 stripe pattern and spotted a mistake in my counting a couple of rows back. I decided to abandon this project as I wasn't really enjoying it, thought it was a little too wide and felt the pattern wasn't showing the yarn off very well. I'm planning on making a granny square blanket with the yarn instead but putting a few of each colour together to make bigger blocks of colour.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary and my husband got me some 505 basting spray (who says romance is dead, eh?!). Now assuming the glue stealing fairies don't steal it (seriously I've lost 3 lots of this :-o ) it means I can get on with some quilting this week too. I just need to get the living room tidied up this afternoon so that this evening I can lay out my fabric/wadding and get it basted.

I'm planning on doing free motion quilting for this one. It's been in the 'waiting to be quilted' pile for quite some time!

Talking about the glue stealing fairies, I think we may have some fabric stealing ones too. I really need to find the extra backing fabric I had leftover from the Christmas wallhanging so that I can do the hanging sleeve for it. Once I've done that I can get on with binding it.

I'm also still working on the granny square quilt. I've decided to go with no sashing as suggested by Katy and agreed on by most people at the sewing group I go to. Again, this needs a tidy living room so I can lay the blocks out to decide on the order of them. They're very similar blocks so it might make my eyes hurt!

I need to cut some white fabric for this quilt top and decide on what other colour to put with it. I realised earlier that I have a charm pack that might go with it so will probably get those squares out and see what it looks like.

I'll just pretend for now that all the other projects don't exist - seriously there's so many; cushion covers, a couple of quilts, a couple of wallhangings, a top and a dress. That's just off the top of my head.

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