Friday, 8 November 2013

FO Friday: Robot Quilt

I had to search back on my blog to find when I started this quilt as I couldn't remember the exact details of which month I actually started working on it. Turns out I started it right back in January! I know that when I started it I said to myself that I wouldn't put a deadline on it. I wanted it to be a fun, relaxing and enjoyable project and I didn't want to feel I had to work on it because some date was looming. I've stuck to that with the exception of this week, where I had got so close to finishing it I felt I had to get it done in time for tomorrow's class so that people can see it. I spent Thursday morning making binding and the hanging sleeve. After a phonecall I went to sew them on, repeating in my head "Make sure you sew the hanging sleeve to the TOP of the quilt". I took great care to do that....and consequently went on autopilot with the binding, sewing it to the wrong side by mistake. Luckily I noticed after the first long side but it still took a while to unpick.

Binding & hanging sleeve match the backing fabric

I started hand sewing the binding to the back before the school run, managed a little between that and having to start cooking food and then some more while Erin was at Rainbows. At that point I started to panic I was running out of thread so Alan headed over to Hobbycraft for some more after picking Erin up. Turned out I didn't need it (only just mind, there was practically nothing left on the reel) and I finished the quilt at about half ten.

I really like the brightness of the blue binding. Unfortunately the picture above doesn't really show off the quilting but I'm really pleased with it.

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