Wednesday, 6 November 2013

FO: Xmas present & WIP: Robot Quilt

What can I say, the kids are back at school so I'm being more productive. On Monday I spent the day drinking tea and crocheting. We'd had a fireworks party on Sunday and kept the Halloween decorations up for that so it was easier to crochet rather than have to clear all the table decorations up in order to sew (table confetti was involved!!!). Still it gave me the opportunity to finish my Aunty's Xmas present. I started by crocheting a bunch of leaves, then trying out some new flower patterns (I adapted some from a number of patterns and others I just followed the original pattern) and finally finding the enthusiasm to sew them on.

In the evening I found time to stuff the sewn bird and hang it in the wreath as well as add ribbon so the wreath can be hung.

I apologise for the terrible picture. It was a dark evening so the colours haven't come out very well.

On Tuesday I finally got round to clearing up the Halloween decorations so the table was clear. This allowed me to continue quilting the border. I have to admit it really dragged on. I put some soup on to warm up while I was doing it and it was about ready when I had 10" to go so I carried on and finished it so I could relax over lunch! I then went back to it and trimmed it ready for binding. I'll be adding a hanging sleeve too as I'm planning to hang it in our bedroom.

The borders were quilted with this random design featuring lots of triangle shapes. It was hard work because it involved a lot of concentration, thinking about what to do next and trying to keep it random in a fairly small space (borders are 3" wide iirc).

Ready for binding!


  1. Your quilt is amazing, you're so clever! Like the wreath too, I bought the foam shape ages ago but still haven't got round to doing anything with it. I'd love to have one for each season eventually but I think that will be a long time coming!

    1. Thanks. I love my wreath in my living room but I have to admit making the one above seemed to really drag - I don't really like making things more than once! I'd love to do one in autumn colours but I'm not sure I could do a 3rd one.