Tuesday, 12 November 2013

More Quilting & A Treat For Me

Having finally finished the robot quilt on Thursday evening, I decided on Friday to make a start on Orla's Xmas present quilt. It's made from an Aneela Hoey (Moda) "Walk In The Woods" charm pack and two other charm packs I've picked up at various quilt shows. This quilt has turned into quite a bargain. I bought the Moda charm pack at a bargain price at a quilt show, the two other charm packs were also really cheap. Backing fabric came from The Skep's January sale (which is amazing btw) and I think I paid about £2-3 a metre (it would be something like that as I didn't pay more than £4 a metre for anything), the wadding was free as the shop I ordered it from cut it incorrectly and they sent me a replacement and let me keep this bit.

It was also really quick to make. I laid all the squares out in the living room to decide on a layout and then stitched it all together before hiding it and picking the kids up from school. I basted it and quilted it once they were in bed. I got the idea for the quilting from Rachel's Walk In The Woods quilt, which you can see here on Sarah's blog.

Just the binding left to do.

Back to the robot quilt for a moment. It is now hanging on our bedroom wall after the most difficult quilt hanging in history; what is usually a case of banging 2 nails in a wall involved a husband, a drill, BIG screws and a bit of polyfilla!

I couldn't resist treating myself to this coaster, made by the lovely Annie at Heavenly Anarchist. It's a glass coaster with copper cogs in. The process of heating the glass causes a reaction in the copper creating beautiful colours.

This will be going on my bedside table as I think it goes really well with the robot theme.

Annie has lots of lovely items in her shop. The coasters would make lovely Xmas presents but she also has jewellery and gorgeous tealight holders. Please take a look!

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