Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Bargello Is Finally Finished

Well this one has been quite a while in the making, or should I say in the "waiting to be quilted pile".

Firstly, my plan had been to do straight lines horizontally and vertically. Then when the top was finished I had that moment where I realised my stupidity. Each strip was moved up/down by half a block so I couldn't do the horizontal lines. After some discussion with my friend and amazing quilter Sarah, I decided to do free motion quilted flowers.

Much practice later I decided that perhaps flowers were a little tricky for me to start with. So I decided on leaves. After some practice of leaves I decided that it was going to be hard on the bargello - it's not as smooth as most quilts because of the construction. So it went to "bag of projects to finish in many years time when I am an expert"!

Then this weekend I decided I needed to finish some bits off. I had too many things on the go and was feeling like I wasn't acheiving anything. So I finished two UFOs. I went back to the original idea and just did vertical lines on the bargello.

Bargello, ready to be hung
I did the binding in white, partly because I happened to have some white and also because I knew exactly where it was going when it was finished and I thought white would be good there. So after a little help from Alan:

We have this pretty view from the top of our stairs:

As for the other finished object, well you'll have to pop back on Friday to see that. It's a gift for a relative and I didn't want anyone to see it before she opens it :-)


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