Friday, 1 June 2012

FO Friday & Jubilee

Ok, I admit I'm slightly cheating with FO Friday. Technically this isn't finished as it needs a hoop to display it in and I haven't got one yet. The sewing is finished though and Evelyn was right about it being a cross stitch owl on a branch.

The pattern for this is from Sewingseed and Tina has some gorgeous designs. If you check out her blog there's also a discount code for the shop. You might notice that my owl is in more traditional colours and so doesn't look as modern as Tina's version. Well, that's because I just couldn't wait to start making it so I used the colours I already owned.

The other thing I finished this week (late last night) was cakes for Erin's jubilee party day at school. Today she has gone dressed in red, white and blue. I was hoping to make her something to wear but the school said on their letter that there would be lots of art/craft activities going on and not to send them in anything that you'd mind them getting ruined so I ended up getting a cheap top from Sainsburys instead. She already had leggings but, because the weather has turned wet, I had to send her with her school cardigan too.

When I saw the sign-up sheet for food to bring in, I immediately signed up for buns/cakes as I have a nice easy recipe for cupcakes. I made sure to order caster sugar with my weekly shop and last night at 8pm I started making a batch. All was fine until they had cooled down and I was ready to make the icing. I was out of icing sugar :-o . This was when Orla decided she did not want to sleep. So I ended up icing cakes at 11.30 last night!

Like the cases? They were 95p for 75 at Sainsburys, which I jumped at because the other Jubilee cases I'd seen were £5 for 30-odd.


  1. Yay I was right :-)

    Cupcakes look yummy. What is the difference between cupcakes and fairy cakes? Is it the amount of icing or is there some difference in the mixture as well? My basic fairy cake mixture is 6oz of SR flour, caster sugar and butter and then 3 eggs. Oh and a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Makes 24 fairy cakes

    1. I think there's some difference in the proportion of cake to icing, but there's also a difference in the recipe.

      My cupcake recipe has a lot more flour in than my sponge recipe (i use the same sponge recipe as you). It's 5oz caster sugar, 5oz butter (cream those two together), beat in 1.5 tsp vanilla essence, then beat in 2 lightly beaten eggs and then fold in 7oz SR flour. It looks odd when you've mixed it, not like sponge mixture - it looks more like pastry but is softer. 12-15 mins at Gas 5. Makes roughly 18 cakes but the cases I used for these were bigger than normal so I only got 16.

  2. The owl looks lovely, Hazel! Thank you for mentioning me and my shop :) Have fun with the jubilee festivities! How exciting!