Monday, 18 June 2012

I have been very busy

Unfortunately it doesn't involve a lot of crafting!

Last Tuesday was exam day. I can honestly say I have never felt that ill going into an exam. I think the kids had a bug over the weekend because Orla slept a lot on Sunday evening and Erin kept saying her tummy hurt. I spent some of Monday just sleeping and felt sick most of Tuesday. Luckily when I got into the exam I managed to focus. I finished early and was happy with what I'd done. Of course I'm now going over every tiny mistake - the exam paper is released a couple of days after the exam so I've been able to sit and look at it in detail.

This weekend we've been camping - I'll be doing a post on that soon! While camping I managed to do a little more work on Tux.

Other than that there hasn't been after craft until today when I whizzed up a few crocheted squares that are being donated to Woolly Hugs.


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