Sunday, 10 June 2012

Finding Things In Cupboards

So I have an old treasure to share with you. This has been tucked away in the little alcove/doorless cupboard in our bedroom since we moved in as it didn't fit with the decor. Before I do though, I'm going to tell you the story behind it.

By coincidence someone on a forum today asked how everyone met their husband/partner and my somewhat amusing reply to this is always "I found him in a cupboard". This is usually followed by a long-winded explanation of how my housemates had invited him round to fix the server that lived in the cupboard next door to the bathroom and he happened to be there when I got back from lectures one day.

Anyway, we ended up moving in together during our final year at York University. It was a little terraced house near the racecourse and was a little unique. The first floor consisted of a bedroom and living room with a bathroom coming off the living room. There were also stairs from the living room into a light, bright attic room. Downstairs there was a galley kitchen at the back, a dining room complete with William Morris wallpaper and at the front of the house, a library! It was lovely; my favourite room. Walls lined with a random selection of old books, two old armchairs and a fireplace.

On a visit to my parents I happened to mention how much I wanted to 'inherit' the painting in their room and my mum told me to just take it. It's a few years ago now but iirc they were taking it down anyway and I told them not to get rid of it. Anyway, it came back to York with us and hung above the fireplace, in the library.

When we eventually moved away from York, it's never really gone with the style of house we've lived it. It still doesn't to be honest but when I came across it today we decided it would go up on the wall anyway.

The painting is The Road To Coniston by Claude Muncaster and my Dad bought it years ago when he married my Mum as his present to her.

What interesting finds have you had?

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