Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Weekend Away & Back To School

At the weekend we went to visit family in Keswick. It's a bit unusual because we always go at bank holiday weekend but this year Erin's friend was having a birthday party that weekend so we decided to go a week later. It meant I missed the Great Northern Quilt Show but I'd spent most of my money at the Festival oif Quilts anyway.

Most of our time was spent visiting family and wandering around town but I did manage to find a bargain in WHSmiths. The Crochet Collection (volume 1) was reduced from £9.99 to 50p.

I don't often buy crochet magazines as I tend to use Ravelry for pattern finding. Also I prefer to use the American crochet terms and most UK magazines use the British ones. I can switch between the two so I'll buy a mag if it has something I really love in. This time though I thought for 50p you can't really go wrong. There are a few patterns I'd like to make - a dinosaur for Orla, a top for me and my favourite is the Henna Rug by Claire Montgomerie.

I'm hoping to get a bit more time to sew & crochet soon as Erin has gone back to school today and Orla starts properly in the nursery next week. She's going for 2 1/2 full days as it means I can take her on days out on the two days she's not in and have a decent block of time to myself on the full days she's in. Wednesday will mostly be going back and forth to school though! It also means I can plan full study days.

Erin's first day in Year One
Oh and a little granny square update. I've now finished 120 squares out of 252. I'm planning on doing 6  today so that I'm halfway.

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