Wednesday, 26 September 2012

WIP Weds: Blankets...yes, more blankets!

On Monday I managed to finish the Mario coaster, so I'll show you all that on Friday.

The two blankets for the kids have gone on hold for a short while as I received my generously donated yarn on Friday (well, it went to the sorting office and I collected it on Friday in the rain!). I crochet for the MNWoollyHugs project and recently offered to crochet for their Little Hugs project, which is basically little blankets that get sent to a hospital for seriously ill children to use.

So here are two WIP blankets for them

In the background is a large granny square blanket. I turned the work after each round to avoid getting a wonky centre. It's pretty much finished - just those pesky ends to sew in. The second is just a basic blanket using US dc. I didn't really count the starting chain but I think there's just under 80 stitches. I'm just hoping I don't run out of yarn on this one. The good thing with this blanket though is that I can cover my ends as I go!

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  1. I really must finish my blanket. I'm so jealous every time I see someone has finished