Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WIP Weds: Mario continues....

I'd love to say I am now relaxing because I finished all 252 granny squares needed for the mario blanket yesterday morning but unfortunatley there were lots of ends to sew in. OTOH I took a load of the squares to sewing group on Monday evening and worked on them there, which gave me the kick start I needed. I managed to get all the ends sewn in yesterday before having to pick Erin up from school.

The kids then sat and watched a film as we were having tea late (friend was visiting) so I started putting the squares together.

There are so many ways of joining granny squares but the one I use most often is to hold the squares right sides together and then slip stitch in the closest and furthest loops (i.e. the back loops only). I like this one as I can do it with my hook and it gives a neat finish to the front.

I considered the join as you go method but decided it wouldn't look quite right for a pixelated picture. I tend to stick to using join as you go for joining squares that have the same colour for the outer round as then the 'join' isn't very noticable.

I tend not to sew together at all. I find this a little strange because I sew & quilt as well as crochet. I think it's perhaps because it is so different to sewing fabric.

Anyway, the first 4 rows are done (that's 56 squares joined)

Please excuse the mess!

There's another 14 rows to go, then I need to go down all the vertical lines so still quite a lot of work. I'm then going to put a couple of rounds of black as a border.

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  1. That's going to be amazing!!!

  2. I can totally make Mario out! You're making great progress!

  3. Lots of work, but it's going to be sooo worth it!

  4. Looks great!! It'll be really neat when it's done! What color are you using to join them?

    1. I've been using the blue, mainly because most of the squares were blue. I've run out after doing the horizontal joins though so might just resort to black for the vertical lines. You can't really see it from the front at all anyway so it was more about what I had left over.

  5. WOW..can't wait to see it all put together..

  6. Wow, that's going to look amaazing! :O Great idea as well!