Friday, 7 September 2012

FO Friday: Crochet Cable Scarf

If you popped onto my blog yesterday you might have seen I started a scarf (Crochet Cable Scarf by Joyce Nordstrom). It was a very quick make indeed. It's a cable pattern and the scarf has 18 repeats of it. We watched a film last night and by the time it was finished I had 15 repeats, so I quickly finished it off this morning.

I might even make this pattern again! That's unusual for me as I prefer to try out new patterns but I like the finished scarf. It's a good size and only took 100g of DK. Actually, it took exactly that...I was starting to panic I'd have to start a new ball for a handful of stitches!

I started making this because I wanted a little break from granny squares and I wanted to get something finished. I have a slightly odd feeling at the moment because for the first time in ages I have no deadlines for coursework. It's all going to change in a few weeks as my next course starts and I still have the exam for my current one so I don't really feel relaxed despite the lack of deadlines. At least by doing something that's quick to make I feel like I've completed something.

Luckily I didn't have to struggle to get a picture of myself wearing the scarf as I had a very willing model ;-)

In case you're wondering why she has no trousers on, she didn't want them back on after I changed her nappy this morning after the school run.

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  1. Wow! She's really grown! Nice scarf!

  2. I love seeing crocheted cables!! And your little one is a darling model!

  3. love the scarf! I'm saving it in my ravelry faves. :o) so glad I found your blog on Wednesday. I love your stuff.

    1. Thank you. It's always nice to hear people enjoying my ramblings!

  4. Wow! You finished the scarf VERY quickly! Your little model is adorable! It's neat to see crocheted cables; I don't think I realized the effect was possible without knitting. :-D