Wednesday, 19 September 2012

WIP Weds: More Granny Squares and More Mario

This might be the post that proves I'm mad! Having just finished making 252 granny squares for the mario blanket, I've started more granny squares for another blanket. Luckily I only need 84 this time and I've done the main section of them all (4 rounds in one colour). I'm planning to add a final round of white to each one and then join them using single crochet. It's been a bit of a stash-busting project, using up lots of leftovers and basically tidying up my yarn stash.

What's that on top of those granny squares? Well that's a granny stripe blanket in progress! The plan for these two blankets is that there will be one for each of the kids for Christmas.

On top of those two blankets I'm waiting on some yarn and fabric for some charity blankets I've offered to make. They'll be fairly quick I hope because they don't need to be very big. More on that next week perhaps.

Onto the next Christmas present...

My husband really liked the mario blanket and mentioned he'd quite like a Mario coaster for work. So I used the pattern to do a cross-stitch mario (basically I did a block of 4 stitches for each 'granny square' on the pattern). It's still in progress because I had no flesh colour thread so will be buying some tomorrow to finish it off and then needs to turn it into a coaster but here it is so far:

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  1. Aw, Mario is turning out really well! Looks fab.

  2. Yup, you're officially insane. Lovely work :-)

  3. You're making me want to start a granny project!

  4. Love the cross-stitch! I've actually started that same Mario blanket. I think I started it last November. I only have about 8 squares finished. I'm a beginner crocheter, and I'd say it's been so long that I probably need another lesson!

  5. It's me Mario! lol :-) I couldn't refuse. Lovely work and I think the coaster is really neat.

  6. I love the Mario cross stitch. You look like you've been busy

  7. Hahahaha. Crafters possess a special kind of madness, don't we? I think it's nice to have variety; hopefully dividing your attention between the two blankets will help make them both go more quickly. :-D

  8. mario is the best!

    love the grannies.